Action Logging Bookmarklet

I’ve arrived at the idea that I might need an Action Logging Bookmarklet, based on my own experience with keeping an Action Log again for the past few days.

The bookmarklet would help in the tracking of actions which result in the creation of web content that has an URL, and would satisfy the verb “Add to Action Log” perhaps with an optional or else automatic code attached.

Action Log examples (Action Log)

Action Log IS Not A Timesheet

Of course not all actions that need to be logged involve online content at all, so the bookmarklet would not be needed for all Actionloggers. There may be a case for creating a number of different instances varied by the target niche for various types of action log.

  1. Needs to be private
  2. Automate the action logging process
  3. Use tags or categories
  4. Hosted or saves to desktop client. If client needs to sync across devices

750 words

So I followed somebody on twitter who tweeted that he’d completed his 750 words today, but not every day this month so far, and anyway I clicked the link for the 750 words website. After a bit of investigation and feeling a tinge of dejavu I found out that it’s a site developed by Eric Benson who I followed quite a bit during the early days of 43things.

Intrigued, I signed up so here I am typing. The first thing that strikes me is wanting to make sure I’ll be able to access and retrieve the stuff that I write. I don’t just want to do a brain dump in order to get rid of it, I want to be able to keep it safe somewhere and use it again. But it’s a monologue without any sense of audience. Don’t the best ideas come about through participating in dialogue with others? Well maybe or maybe not.

Another comparison would be with write or die. Write or die works by using a big stick, the screen shouts at you if you stop typing for too long! So everything is written with a sense of urgency rather than a cool and reflective state of mind.

750words on the other hand is using a positive incentive, points. Who cares about points? Well usually I don’t , heck I don’t even have a nectar card and glancing down I see that this makes up 240 words so far, which means by now I’m a third of the way through the task for today. Will I be able to keep concentrating on typing for long enough to finish it without getting distracted or bored enough to go off and do something else with the good intention of coming back to finish it later. Perhaps. And then never ever visiting this site again. Except that the email reminders will come up at six o’clock in the morning. So there are some clever little tricks and whistles underneath the apparently simple idea of just providing an interface for writing something every day that takes up at least 750 words worth of text.

Another thing I notice is that I’m correcting my typos and misspellings as I go along, prompted by the spellchecker that’s built in to my firefox browser. As nobody is going to read this, in theory, then what is the point of making corrections? To get into a good habit.

And now I’m stuck facing the more than half of a blank page that confronts me as I run out of things to write about that come easily to mind. It’s my first attempt though. Maybe next time it will be different. Well it will, because it will be morning for one thing. Now I’m trying out a technique of noise reduction by typing softly on the keyboard. I’ve lost most of the ability to touch type. Where did that go? I don’t even mean typing without looking, I mean typing with all of the fingers of both hands. As a guitar player it’s always worrying to lose any amount of dexterity. No good just being worried though, what’s more important is what we can do about it, and practice of the kind referred to as best practice, is always a good idea. I’m not editing what I’ve written at all, just correcting typos so that I can’t get away with just splodging the keyboard whilst thinking of words. That would be cheating and cheating doesn’t pay. Not cheating doesn’t pay all that well either, but there you go. I’ll get faster at this with practice, and then I’ll be able to write a lot more effortlessly and create content that helps with everything else. Or at least write stuff that somebody wants to read. Ah, that kind of thing helped quite a bit because now I’m coming up to the back straight with the finish line clearly in sight. There’s a checkered flag waiting for me after just a couple more laps of the stadium. Did I mention that we are typing in a stadium now? Yes speed-writing has become an officially acknowledged sport in time for the 2012 Olympics which will be taking place just down the road from where I live. Forty two words left to write now, it’s so easy but I don’t have a clock timer set to see how long it took me to get the whole task done. I can see how I could get this done in the morning quite easily between the first and second cups of coffee!

What happens now? Where’s the BIG SAVE button?

Manchester Trams


Originally uploaded by AndyRob

The Manchester Metrolink trams are receiving a facelift with new yellow paintwork and new routes being added as well. The Burnley tram travels on the old railway line and then through the centre of Manchester.

31 Day Internet Marketing Makeover #31DIMM

I’ve been following some of Michelle MacPhearson’s 31 Day Internet Marketing Makeover course which began in early December and is tagged #31DIMM on twitter. The first day’s task was to copy a spreadsheet from Google Docs and put in loads of information about each niche or blog, and that could take 31 days in itself if you have accumulated a fair few. Then you had to evaluate which ones are worth keeping and make a plan for the rest, so far so good.
Most of the tasks since then have been reasonable and practical, such that the course as a whole is to be recommended but as of writing no new editions have been published for a few days so I’m wondering if the Makeover has run out of steam or hit some problems.

31 Day Internet Marketing Makeover

31 Day Internet Marketing Makeover

No Dogs Please Thankyou

No dogs please thankyou was a photo of a sign uploaded by somebody who has since deleted their picture or made it navailable for embedding. Why do they do that? Maybe they even deleted their entire Flickr account or something like that, who knows. Good job I have the broken link checker plugin to help maintain all of this stuff.

East London Tuttle

Working from home can be a bit isolating for obvious reasons and one of the purposes of the Social Media Cafe and Tuttle club enterprises is to provide a space where self employed freelancers and suchlikes can meet up, enjoy a coffee, do a bit of work using the free wifi and generally netowrk as well.

London Tuttle club has had to move venues more than oncem, and last week came to Spitalfields, which is nice and local for me being within an easy walk of Liverpool Street station. The venue was cafe Leon, pleasant enough.


I hope the East London branch of the Tuttle club meets up again from time to time.